Monday, July 28, 2014

In Memory of my Dad Mar 3 1924-June 30 2014

My Dad.
June 30 2014 my Dad passed away and he just had his 90th Bday on Mar 3  of this year.He was born in Brooklyn NY Mar 3 1924.

On July 18 I flew back to Mich We had just immediate family.My mom younger brother my Uncle Bobbie came with his current wife Louise and Son from his previous marriage.
We had a Full Church Service for my Dad with Holy Communion at Christ Church Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills.Mich on Sat July 19.Immediate family gave short relflections.One of my Nieces sang Amazing Grace solo.
Alot of people at the church I didnot know but they know my dad and mom
or were friends of my parents.
My dad was a Prominent member in the community and lawyer.
After the service the Carillion Bells were playing.

Christ Church Cranbrook

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After the Church Service which was 11.00 Am Sat July 19 We had a Buffet Lunch Reception at a local Golf Club where my parents are members.That was family and just close friends.
They had this pic of my dad in the Reception Area 24 by 36 inches and lanminated.The pants in this pic  are green flower print pants and definately one of his more Wild Colors.For work he wore more conservative colors Shirt,Suit and Ties.He also had Bright Green and Shocking Pink Sports Jackets and standard Blue Blazer which he wore to Social Ocassions that required Shirt,Jacket and  or Shirt,Jacket,Tie. 

Sat Nite our  family went out to dinner at a upscale restuarant called Cafe Via which is in Downtown Birmimgham Mich.

My Dad Obit which in todays July 28 2014 NY Times

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sat Words of Wisdom.

Today I wanted to share some of my fav Words of Wisdom I have found or gotten from my FB or Twitter peeps I follow.

Barbara Niven Plays Peggy Beldon on Hallmark Cove.
Check out Barbara Niven on FB.
Barbara Niven @BarbaraNiven · Jul 24

“All those things that make you not perfect are what make you so perfectly who you are. You are Perfection.” Believe it. Own it. Pass it on.

Jack Wagner is a Actor/Recording Artist/Top Celeb Golfer and has a new alblum out On the Porch.Check out Jack,s New Ablum at

Jack Wagner @JackWagnerhpk · 10h

If we find ourselves struggling, let's find some1 else who's struggling & help them. Wn I cn remember 2 do that it always

Some FB things from my FB Newsfeed 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Peggy Beldon Beautiful Heart

Peggy Beldon: Beautiful Heart

Actor Dylan Neal

Friday FanArt

A few Fan Art Pieces I made.
First is my new current twitter Header.Since the Golf Tourney Jack was in over.
I decided it was time to update my profile page on Twitter so I choose to use pics of my currenbt fav actors.
Next are two collages of my Fav Celeb Jack Wagner.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Barbara Niven Encouragement Words.

Inspirational Thursday.

The more you struggle the more you get entrapped with your sorrows, drop the struggle & let life flow freely forwards.

The star is bright in the heart of he who follows what he loves, for he knows that love will lead him home.