Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rainy Inspiration Wed.

This rainy Morning  I wanted to share some of my fav tweets with my viewers.

Peace & Quite Quotes @PeaceandQuite
Time spent with family is time well spent. Family is the one constant element in life

The Gratitude Book @GratitudeBooks
It's your unlimited power to care and to love that can make the biggest difference in the quality of your life. -Anthony Robbins

Jack Wagner @JackWagnerhpk
Real courage is looking in2 the mirror in order 2 see our true problems. Saying "I Need Help" wn we're hurting instead gtng angry & blaming

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Quotes&Pics

The Golden Mirror ‏@TheGoldenMirror
Everything is beautiful, but it takes an open mind to see it. See through your personal opinions to perceive the unadulterated splendor.

God Posts ‏@GodPosts7h
It's amazing the doors God will open for you when you ask.
He will open doors you never even knew existed.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Thoughts.

Good Evening and I hope everyone is having a good Thursday.
This Afternoon I loomi ng at my FB and found these and just now decided to share some of them.

"Believe in yourself right now — even though it may be hard. You don’t have to be up, to look up. Do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by darkness, surrounded by negativity or give in to despair. None of these things improve your life. Do not give yourself permission to feel sorry for yourself, or give up your power.

Start right now to take massive action on your own behalf to move your life forward. You can do this! Keep your mind focused on the outcome you desire. It takes discipline of mind, heart and spirit to create your breakthrough. What you think about — you bring about. Your circumstances and all of the challenges you are facing know this. Now it is time for you to believe it! Make it happen. You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you!"

—Les Brow

Monday, October 13, 2014

Smile Sharing with Shari Tidbit.

Good Evening and hope everyone had a good wkend.
I came across this one in facebook and wanted to share it.

It's time to stop judging yourself. Stop putting limitations upon what you think you can and can’t do. Allow your imagination to run wild, giving you permission to be able to do whatever it is you dream about. Learn to let go of how you think things should be because in between that space of what you think and what you hope is actually joy. In that space that has no expectations, no conditions, or judgements, lies peace. In that space is where we must learn to sit comfortably in. I’m just as guilty of it as well! I have always thought that I had to be a “star.” My name had to be in lights, I had to have my own talk show, and I had to have notoriety to have some sort of happiness and contentment. The truth is, I still do want some of those things but for very different reasons. It’s not about my self-esteem and making me think that I am somebody because of those things, but rather those things represent that I am giving something of value to this world and I’m filling my life with things that I love. I believe the truth is that who we are is beautiful as we are. When we surrender ourselves to having to have it all, then we actually begin to attain it all! When we let go of the notion that our lives have to appear a certain way for us to finally know joy, we will begin to experience it.

So, I challenge you right now to find that space inside of yourself that sits comfortably within yourself without having to do or be anything or anywhere except right where you are. It might be uneasy. You might find yourself strangely uncomfortable and that’s OKAY, because it’s right outside of your comfort zone where you learn how to grow. Don’t be scared to go there. The Universe and God have your back!


Soaring with you,
Shari "

SHARIng (Sunshine & Love) with SHARI"

Friday, October 10, 2014

J&K FanArt Friday

I was in a fanart mood and made these just for fun.Enjoy looking at them and have a good wkend.

This collage above required two photos.I used a photo of Lake Tahoe as the background photo.

This Collage I used a couple of tweets from Jack that I saved to my favorites list.