Friday, September 19, 2014

WV Fall Colors

Fall Arrives on Monday officially and soon the leaves will change.I wanted to share some Fall Pics of WV.

Douglas Falls 

Dolly Sods WV 
Wishing everyone a good weekend.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Morgantown, WV - Snowfall 1/21/14

I enjoyed watching the Snow Fall Sometimes as long as I dont need to remove it from my steps or drive on Snowy Roads Up and Down all of Morgantown Hills.
I just came this Video and decided to share it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jack Wagner - The Right Key

Jack  Frisco Sang this song to Felicia  on GH.
It was suppose to go on a Ablum that was suppose to come out in 1990.That Ablum was shelved and never happened.His Next ablum in 93 didnot include the song.Around Aug/Sept 2013 Jack was inspired to write and record a new album after a decade.His Prior Ablum Dancing in the Moonlight was 2004.

While Writing&Recording Songs for his New Ablum he also recorded a new version of this Song.After close to 25 years this Song in the New Version Finally was released.The New Version can be downloaded from Itunes and Amazon and is part of his 2014 Ablum On The Porch.

The CD On The Porch can be purchased through his Music Site Jack Wagner
The New CD is so good.It has a few older Songs redone and has Great New Jack's New Music is different from his GH and B&B stuff.
Jack New Single Drivin' Miss Daisy is also a great video and fun to watch.
His Music Site has a link to it.

You can also go to Youtube and watch it directly.
If you havent gotten this new cd I recommend it highly.
The Lyrics and Music show who Jack is Today as a Actor/Musican.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kate Smith, God Bless America

Since Today is the 9 11 Anniversary I wanted to share this song with everyone.
This song was written in 1919 by Irving Berlin.It was revised in 1938 and was Kate Smith Signature Song.
Others over the years recorded thier own version including Lee Greenwood.

This is how and why I know who she was.
She passed away in 1986.

Also Remebering all the familes and all the people who were effected by 9 11.